PICKLEMARY MIX-A real Hangover cure!! Thick Tomato Juice Cocktail with 30% Spicy Pickle Brine, Horseradish, Tabasco and Secret Spices

MIXER AND ELIXIR-Aged and Filtered Spicy Pickle Brine, created to be consumed straight, use as a cocktail mixer, salad dressing ingredient or to use in cooking.  Take advantage of this healthy beverages smooth, effervescent beverage to cure what ails you. 


Available Now:

Spicy Pickles-The original Shred's Pickle with Jalapenos, Garlic, and Shred's Secret Spices.

Garlic Pickles-Crunchy, garlicy dills that will make you smile.

Pickled Jalapenos-Fresh sliced jalapenos pickled with Garlic and Shred's Secret Spices.

Pickled Green Tomatoes-Just like the New York Style Deli's side dish but with a kick!

Pickled Brussel Sprouts-Not your mom's Brussels, these are cooked in my amazing                        brine, and pickled with Garlic, Jalapenos, and Shred's Secret Spices. 

Shreddy Stackers-A unique combo of sliced pickled green tomatoes, spicy pickles, and jalapenos layered in the jar to satisfy your sandwich craving.

Pepper Parade-Another crazy combo from the pickle dude; a medley of sweet tri-peppers cucumbers, and Jalapenos perfectly pickled.

Pickled Asparagus-Crisp Asparagus-slightly cooked to absorb my fantastic brine, and jalapenos mixed in for a spicy snack or side dish.


Mary Mayhem-All your favorite bloody mary garnishes-Pickled Brussel Sprouts, Pickles, Peppers, Green Beans, Aspargus and Jalapenos all in one jar-toothpicks included.

Pickled Green Beans-Crunchy Blue Lake Green Beans, Garlic and Jalapenos.

KRAZY KRAUT-Amazing sauerkraut with a kick and hint of carraway seed

Pickled Organic Beets-Sliced Roasted Beets with a vinegar/jalapeno kick

BEET KRAUT-Amazing Tangy Sauerkraut with the sweetness of chopped beets

Pickled Organic Garlic Cloves-Perfectly blanched heirloom cloves edible by the handfull

Pickled Pineapple-Fresh Pineapple, sweet, spicy and sour in an amazing flavorful brine