When you finish a bottle....

*Don't throw out the bottle, return it for a 50 cent credit on your next purchase. (no lids please)

*Don't throw out the brine..use it 

Here is a demonstration on the ELITE DAILY SHOW of how to make the dressing below and the Pickled Pineapple Margarita

1.  Southwestern Vinaigrette---in a bowl stir Spicy Pickle or Pepper Parade brine with chopped cilantro, lime juice,  Agave and olive oil and you have a nice light dressing that will last a few weeks. 

2.Garlicky Vinaigrette-Garlic Pickle or Green Tomato Brine mixed with olive oil and Dijon Mustard, add a dash of salt and pepper to taste.

3.Drink it!!!-
      *Add to your favorite Bloody Mary Mix
      *Make a Pickletini-Gin or Vodka
      * "PICKLE BACK" to your favorite shot. YUM!  especially TEQUILA---book end the shot with the brine. 

4. Pickle Cole Slaw-In a bowl take the brine and add it to mayonnaise, a dash of cayenne pepper and a smidge of Agave.  Add some chopped cabbage and mix.  Top with a chopped Completely pickled pickle.

5. Use the brine for cooking, boiling potatoes, poaching fish, in Tuna Salad or replace the brine for vinegar in any recipe.

6. The brine can be used for healthy purposes--Curing hiccups, hangovers, heartburns or use it just before working out.

Completely Pickletini:  Muddle a half of pickle with 2 oz. of your favorite Gin or Vodka, and a 1/2 oz. of pickle brine (juice), shake vigorously, strain and serve up with a pickle spear.

PICKLE BUCK: over ice
1 oz mixer and elixir
2 oz vodka
1 oz fresh squeezed lime
4 oz ginger beer

-Muddle a piece of pickled pineapple with strained pineapple brine
-add 2 oz tequila
-1/2 oz Agave
-4 oz sweet and sour or marg. mix
shake, pour over ice
add a touch of Siratcha